Shop early and lock in pricing for 2023 from the comfort of your home or office! Just log into your online account and start shopping! If you don't have a wholesale account, you can sign up here. Once you're signed up, approved and logged into your account, you're all set to save! Don't forget to take advantage of...

  1. Early access to over 50 New Items!
  2. Show Specials (yes, you get the 5% discount on top of the show special price)
  3. Custom Towels
  4. 5% Off Entire Order 

Virtual Tradeshow Requirements

  • Place an order on during November 7-21,2022
  • Order must meet minimum of $1500
  • Order must be shipped by 06/09/2023

Please note, the 5% Show Discount will reflect at time of shipment and on invoice. 

*Virtual Tradeshow order can be broken into a maximum of two shipments, just let us know. Final order must ship by 06/09/2023. 

Lock In Product Pricing for 2023!

Complete your 2023 order during this event and we'll lock in your prices! So no matter what happens with ocean freight costs, you'll never pay more for your products. (We'll even lower your product cost if ocean freight goes down). Locked-in product pricing only applies to orders placed during the Mutual Sales Virtual Tradeshow. Your shipping cost will be calculated at the time of shipment. 


If you have any questions, our wonderful customer service team would be happy to help. 

Happy Shopping!


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